A backpacking tourist reveals 7 reasons why she loves Hanoi

Some reasons making one member of backpacking group- Travelettes – give her deep feeling of affection towards Hanoi are reasonable prices, easy accession to many famous and nearby places and strong-Asia beauty.

1. Ancient wards

When visiting Bangkok, visitors will be dazzled by its lights of a modern city, large shopping centers, and busy nightlife. Although enjoying Bangkok, Annapurna told that Bangkok gave her the feeling and atmosphere which were not up to her imagination (like Asian feeling). Hanoi, however, is different. It still maintains many ancient towns among the modern capital with old yellow-painted walls, temples, and pagodas. Especially, when she walked around the streets, she recognized the true feeling that she had imagined.

2. A perfect combination of ancient culture and backpackers

Hanoi is full of temples, local markets, churches and poetic lakes that are lots enough to draw your full attention. You will be interested in the experiences of Vietnamese culture at each site. Hanoi also has lots of convenient hotels and guesthouses, beautiful coffee shops and restaurants serving Western foods (not McDonald’s or Burger King) with a beautiful view of Hoan Kiem lake.

3. The “super low” prices

A big surprise for Annapurna was that most things in Hanoi were so cheap. She said that the prices here were affordable. You only need to spend about 200,000 VNĐ on renting a place to sleep, including a breakfast. A meal usually costs about 50,000VNĐ.

4. Many museums for women

Each member of Travelettes wanted to know more about the life of the local women. In Hanoi, Annapurna could do this by visiting the Museum of Vietnamese Women. You can learn about the women of different ethnic groups, about the ways they fought in the wars and live in the modern life. The main purposes of the museum are to preserve the heritage of women and promote gender equality in society.

5. Delicious and attractive foods

Vietnamese cuisine is worldwide famous. In Hanoi, you can experience clearly with pho, spring rolls, kebap rice noodle, and lots of great street foods. One restaurant impressed Annapurna is a vegetarian restaurant in the capital.

6. The best fashion boutiques in Southeast Asia.

In Hanoi, you can easily find pretty Asian fashion boutiques. Some wards, such as Hang Non, buy lots of unique clothes at reasonable prices. Easy to visit nearby natural wonders from the city Hanoi is the key destination in the North. Many Ha Long Bay tours and Sa Pa ones start here. Tourists also can come to Tam Coc or Mai Chau to learn about the life of Vietnamese rural area.

7. Adventure nightlife

One reason making visitors claim on Hanoi is the curfew at night. Visitors will not be allowed to play until the next morning like in Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh City because most of the restaurants here close before 12 pm. However, the feeling of going out at the bars opening after that time made Annapurna enjoy. She was also impressed with Long Bien, a wholesale market, which opens from 1 am.