5 interesting things in Hoi An That Attract Most Foreign Tourists

Audrey is a female blogger, who is a travel writer of That Backpacker. She used to set foot in Hoi An 3 years ago and immediately fall in love with this wonderful land. She recounted that the peaceful pace of life in Hoi An, a place which is drawn from fairy tales, made her want to stay longer than she intended, despite her long-term plan of exploring the North of Vietnam. Here are five things about Hoi An that Audrey is really impressive.


Hoi An might not be too famous for beaches; however, it has luckily 2 wonderful beaches. If you are not afraid of riding extra kilometers, you will certainly have a great trip to An Bang beach (3 kilometers to the north of Hoi An) or Cua Dai beach (5 kilometers to the west of Hoi An).

Ancient, charming architecture

In Audrey’s eyes, Hoi An is gently beautiful even when visiting the outskirts of the city. Each curved roof over the wall painted with light color seems to hide historical stories hundreds of years ago. When strolling around the old town of Hoi An, tourists like being lost in a movie, in the sound of countless loudspeakers playing the ancient music.

ustom made-to-measure clothing

Hoi An is known as the center of tailor-made clothes. There are hundreds of tailor-made shops all over the street, which means that visitors are free to have the tailor make clothes, shoes or bags. Audrey suggests that visitors should spend time looking at the store and choosing the right material before ordering. If you find a suit that fits you, you can buy on-site or the tailor will take your measurements. Audrey only bought 3 dresses, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the clothes here.

Lively markets

Markets in the old town are always crowded with buyers and sellers from small shops to street vendors, as well as curious tourists wading in the middle of the car lanes. If you get up early, you can go to the market in the morning when small businesses sell goods. Everyone wears hats which make Audrey feel excited about the early market scene.

Various cuisine

With many specialties, Hoi An has a unique culinary background. Audrey suggests Cao Lau noodles should be the first dish to try. This dish is made from traditional noodles, served with shrimp, pork, herbs, bean sprouts, and broth. She revealed that the broth of Cao Lau is very particular, the chef only uses water from a well of the Cham people on the outskirts of the city.

The dumpling is another dish loved by Audrey, it has another name which is the white rose. The cake is made from rice flour, skillfully folded with the grounded shrimp inside. According to Audrey, the esoteric formula was only held by one family in the old town, and three generations of the family were making this kind of cake and delivering it to every corner of Hoi An.